Things To Do In East Lansing,Michigan

East Lansing may be a small town, but it sure has impressive things that you could do there. Whether you are with your family or friends, you will not miss exciting things to do here. We have compiled some of these activities for you.

Enjoy The Lanson River.

Are you a fan of hiking? Then this is the activity for you. The Lansing River Trail is perfect for that and also for scavenger hunts. You could also try out kayaking and get the adrenaline going. To relax, you could take some bird walks in the area.

Visit Crego Park.

Does your family enjoy fishing? This community park is good for fishing with the family and also canoeing. It also touches the river trail which will be perfect for the outdoor activities that are a bit quiet.

Spartan Statue Visit.

Ensure you take a camera with you while going to see this fantastic statue. It is historical and perfect at night. The local parades on MSU campus are also held here.

Enjoy A Drink At American Filth Spirits.

It is the local distillery and what better thing to do than to explore the local drinks in the area? You could also get some finger food here. The staff here always come together every Saturday to experiment with their ingredients. The best of these recipes show up on the menu, and you will love it. Also, twice every hour, they offer in-house tours to guests. Amazing, right?

Explore Wildlife At Potter Park Zoo.

This zoo is home to one hundred and sixty different types of animals. In case you have kids, they will love this place. It is also for adults as well. It is also a shelter for some of the endangered species such as pandas. It is an educational centre since you will be informed of the animals and their different features. It can also be used to host birthday parties, especially for kids. Most families will bring a cake and some snacks and celebrate their kid’s birthday there with the other children in attendance. It also hosts live concerts, cookouts and even some after-hours events that are exclusive there.

East Lansing has numerous activities for both kids and adults. They range from educational ones to outdoor activities. With the above points, you will surely have a packed weekend while you visit and once it is over, you will want to go back there.